Herbert Burda GmbH - Sanitärtechnik

Sanitary engineering from Dusseldorf

burda develops high-performance, intelligent products and systems for bathrooms and sanitary installations - with focus on drywall construction. Systems for mounting elements are:
SANTRO, BS+, Kombiset and burda corner elements. Furthermore, there are:
The Planopor and Planoline floor-level shower elements, Flowtronik sanitary electronics and the Cuccoo built-in furniture series.
All systems are known for their highest quality and innovation. As a trade partner, burda sells exclusively through the three-stage distribution channel.

burda thereby fulfils the demands of end users for long-lasting, mature technology, plus cost-saving, reliable processing with high design flexibility in line with modern standards.


Due to its innovative ideas, burda succeeded in establishing in the market as a problem solver with individual and practical solutions. Millions of approved installations give you the essential security, and for us the certainty of being on the right track.

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